About Cheryl

Cheryl is a composer and singer/songwriter with dozens of film and ad scores, four piano-pop albums, 20 tours, and 40+ TV placements under her belt. She also supports musicians in crafting their ideal careers through resources as a consultant and on her site, In The Key Of Success. Her focus is communication: pitching, email marketing, and branding. 
Cheryl received a degree in Biology and in Music from Cornell University, studied orchestration at Juilliard, then began her career in a hip hop recording studio in NYC. She went on to work at a post-production house which led her to her stint as a jingle composer before starting to tour with her band and and begin to record her pop records. She now combines freelance composing for TV, choral groups, theater, film, and ads with her songwriting and consulting work.
Following the music, she has performed with the social justic choir, Voices 21C in France, Israel and Mexico, has performed on stage with Sting, and has had her own compositions premiered in Jerusalem, Mexico City, universities, and high schools. 
She lives in the Hudson Valley of New York with her mountain guide husband, and basset hound.

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