What Is Career Coaching?

It's a way for you to take a breath, take a look, dig deep, and have someone guide you to find your own desirable path. Your career coach on your side, rooting for you to have that fun, free, fancy lifestyle that you've  been dreaming of. Or not-so-fancy... whatever floats your boat.

No More Drama

Feel out of control of your own life? Work with Cheryl and strip the drama away, leaving room for BIG results.

And how about no more waiting for someone to find you? For the time to be right? For more money? For more fans or clients? Working with Cheryl will put the power back in your hands. You will develop the tools you need to be the author of your story.

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Work With Cheryl

  • Focus: One-on-one coaching targets your blind spots
     and gets you moving where you've never moved before.
  • Accountability: Get a cheerleader, in your corner, holding you accountable to what you say you want.
  • Customize: Cheryl is trained to listen to your needs and customizes a program to meet them specifically.


Cheryl has been working in the music industry for over 15 years. She knows what it takes to be an effective communicator who gets big results. Get ready for the most transformational period of your music career.

When you work with Cheryl, you get positivity and energy: and that translates to motivation and action. Not just in your career but all areas of your life. While working with Cheryl, clients have:

  • Gone from single to married
  • Gone from 0 subscribers to making high 4 figures from their email lists
  • Met Kickstarter goals weeks before the deadline
  • Made an extra $10k in a week
  • Released a record with hundreds of sales and thousands of streams.
  • MUCH more. What's your dream?

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all of your burning questions asked before taking the plunge into music career success!

Career coaching is for you if you answer "yes" to any of the following questions:
   • Have you found a career you love but aren't sure
      how to create more income?
   • Does your motivation to work on your career ebb
      and flow like a rollercoaster?
   • Are you stuck in a job you hate but don't want to
      lose the good pay or don't know how to leave it?
   • Do you see others in your field killing it, and are
      you left wondering how?
   • Are you not sure how to get the specific results
      you'd like?
   • Are you bored and want to take the next path in
      life and don't know what that is?

If yes, then this is for you!

One-on-one coaching is not therapy. It is not about fixing you. It is not someone yelling at you to make your bed. It's about getting out of your own way, discovering what you love and how to make a living doing it. Period!

Hellz yeah! I not only get to the bottom of what you're struggling with and transform it to gold, I add in a marketing element- as in, we will work on your products, your website, your projects, etc etc, AND I'll be tweeting them out, as the proud coach that I am. Here's the thing- I work with creative people, and as a creative person myself, all of my clients are producing great work that is worth sharing with my personal fan base. I'll also help you find ways to market yourself that you haven't yet thought of. This goes beyond transforming how you work and gets into how to get your work out there. Also, I'm fun, effective, and super-reasonably priced, so that's cool too.

Ooooh yes. And it's probably the most effective thing I ever did for my career, nay, my life. During the time I first worked with a career coach, I got two massive placements, I started winning composing jobs, I put together the band of my dreams, and I met my husband. nbd.

Pick a package below that calls to you most, and make sure to stay on the web because you'll be directed to my fancy schmancy scheduling page where you can schedule your first call (either phone, skype or Facetime) and we take it from there. Let's get going! I can't wait to meet you!

"This feels very much like someone taught me to rub two sticks together and I am now standing somewhat incredulously in front of a roaring fire! Everyone should know how helpful Cheryl's work is."

Scott Hampton

"Your coaching was SO helpful!! You brought up some things that - I believe - most composers, musicians, songwriters and producers don't realize. You have a brilliant perspective of the whole 'thing'."

Paulo Galvao

"Coaching with Cheryl was a crucial step in some big shifts I’ve made over the past few years. She really helped me get into alignment and action in areas where I’d been stuck or floundering, and it made an enormous difference for me."

Deborah Hurwitz
Composer & Music Director (Jersey Boys, Broadway)


You have nothing to worry about. Cheryl will work with you to get results. Period, end of story.


We can meet on the phone, over Zoom, or even in person. It's your preference!


That's right. Use 'em when you need 'em!

Choose a package today

Program Options

The coaching plans that you can get behind, that will provide you with someone who's behind you all the way, from defining the dream to implementing the strategy to get real results. You'll be redirected to book your first call after you checkout.

Clarity Call



• 1 hour-long session
• Get clarity on your direction and develop a plan for the next steps. A lot can get handled in an hour with Cheryl!
• Discuss anything specific or let Cheryl guide you through a transformation.

Get Core Support

Golden Key



• 5 half-hour-long sessions
• Email support
• Sessions do not expire- great for creating a plan and checking in.
• Includes The Perfect Pitch course (Normally $47)

Get Golden

Platinum Key
[Payment Plan]

$799 x 4


• 8 hour-long sessions
• 4 months of email support
• Includes access to the branding and income course MX4 or Rock Your Email List course

Go Platinum [Payment Plan]

Platinum Key



• 8 hour-long sessions
• 4 months of email support
• Includes access to the branding and income course MX4 or Rock Your Email List course (both valued at $1499)

Go Platinum & Save

More Frequently Asked Questions

You choose a package above, and pay through PayPal (where you can also use a credit card). From there, you will be sent to the calendar page to book your first session. Cheryl will email you a confirmation, or reschedule if need be. Any cancelations up to 24 hours will be rescheduled, after that there are no refunds. You must be on the call within 10 minutes of the scheduled call to keep your time slot. If you'd like a refund (because happy clients = happy coach = results), you must first have a completion phone call with Cheryl. Unused sessions are refunded at a rate of $50 per unused session via PayPal. (No one's asked for a refund, ever.)

There are no refunds for the In The Key Elite, Core Support, Grand Re-Brand, or Platinum Key Payment Plan packages.

Absolutely!  If you want to chat before picking your perfect package (say that 5 times fast), email me and we can schedule a 10 minute call for me to answer all of your questions. To insure a timely response, please include the following pieces of information: Why are you interested in a career coach? Where can I find you on the web (website, twitter, etc etc)? What are you most proud of? How do you think I can help? Do you have any questions for me? What are 3 SPECIFIC times (in Eastern Standard Time) that you could have the call?

Great question. I have over 750 hours of personal and professional development coaching training. I have coached over 100 people who have found clarity, increased income, their true paths, a team to support them, new fans, and other great results, and taught more than 500 other musicians in group programs. I have a double degree from Cornell University in Biology and Music (aka I can balance my time, focus, and I'm not a total idiot). I have spent over a decade in the music and advertising industry crafting my own unique career. I have spoken at dozens of universities and music conferences including SXSW about how to have a career you love, and I've been on TV talking about it. Oh, and I am a certified Email Marketing Specialist. So that's cool.

No! I do love working with musicians because of my own personal music career history and ability to understand what it takes to "make it" full time. That being said, my coaching training and approach applies to pretty much any person who is pursuing a creative career, or who has personal blocks in seeing themselves as the success they know they can be. And because I come from a place of listening, branding, and communicating your goals, I'm able to make a difference, no matter what your chosen career is.  I've coached  professional speakers, mountain guides, actors, DJs, podcast hosts, yoga instructors, video editors, and high school students looking for what's next. If you're unsure if you're a fit, don't hesitate to email me and we can figure it out together.


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