The one-of-a-kind monthly live mastermind group for the motivated musician.

*** ANNOUNCEMENT: for the duration of the Coronavirus Craze, IN THE KEY ELITE will now meet DAILY on weekdays! ****

HEY Musicians!

Let's get real for a second. If you are not growing, you are dying. Or at least your career is. The #1 thing that EVERY single musician NEEDS to keep the growth coming is support. That support can come in many different forms, like
  • accountability
  • new ideas
  • research
  • a coach
  • being surrounded by hard-working musicians.
Why try to find all of those things when you can get it in one place?

Enter: In The Key Elite.

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Join now, lifetime access.

You'll get access to recent coaching calls that you've missed (woo hoo!) plus any resources, worksheets and handouts moving forward. You'll be supported every. single. day. of the year. Who else believes in you this much?

Fact: It's easier to be fearless when you're surrounded by doers.

Benefit #1

Celebrate your wins, create monthly goals, share your progress and cheer on others throughout the month in the online community! Get a cheerleader in your corner for the entire year! All for less than $1.50 a day!

Benefit #2

Practice your biggest and scariest pitches! Try out new subject lines, get ideas for your next live show, bounce ideas off of an engaged community. The Elite is a safe community where you'll get constructive feedback and space to be the best you!

Benefit #3

Learn how to take action in the face of fear... actions that will start having you rake in consistent income. Shift your mindset to shift your bank account. With monthly calls, you won't get off track!

Benefit #4

Get access to one of the best coaches in the business. Cheryl has coached over 50 musicians to massive success. From making $10 a month to $3000 regularly, from performing in churches to being sponsored by the biggest instrument company in America... and more. 

No musician should go it alone. DIY does not equal Do It Alone. It means do it yourself. Build your own team. Create your own value. Determine how YOUR career is going to go. The backbone of the most successful musicians is a supportive community.

I NEED to be in this mastermind, now!


I'm Cheryl B. Engelhardt, and I'm so glad you're here. It took me YEARS as an indie, DIY singer-songwriter trying ALL OF THE THINGS to book successful tours, fan fund records, and get my music placed on TV shows all while engaging with my fans and keeping them up-to-date, even when I didn't have much to talk about. Now I have an active and engaged fan base, thanks to the processes and tools I lay out in my recourses on In The Key Of Success.

I did a ton of research in other industries to see what the BEST practices are. SXSW asked me to moderate a panel on email marketing. CD Baby asked me to write a guide for their users on email marketing. And I am certified as an Email Marketing Specialist. This stuff is my jam.

I created my courses on Pitching, Email, and Branding because so many other musicians started asking me how to keep fans engaged, how to sell music to them without sounding like a cars salesman and how to create superfans from regular people like you and me. I looked closely at what I was doing, and voila, came up with the stuff.

And the reason is that I love musicians. I am a musician. So this community is the place to bring it all together.

So here's to your success! I cannot wait to hear about it in the group!

~ Cheryl