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Your AMPLIFY Membership Comes With:

  • Monthly themed content including videos and worksheets on time-management, goal-setting, making money with music, pitching, relationships, and more!
  • At least two live coaching calls each month, hot seat 1:1 coaching sessions, music business Q&A sessions. All sessions include a chance to connect with the community.
  • 24/7 access to the AMPLIFY Community where you can share wins, practice your pitch (and get new exposure!), cross-promote, and get 1-on-1 coaching from Cheryl and support from the AMPLIFY team. Not to mention your very own POWER UP POD (PUP) - an accountability group that'll support you in between calls to help you get more wins faster than you can say "Champagne!"
  • The AMPLIFY Archives - over three years' worth of inspiring live coaching calls, video lessons, Q&A sessions, all titled for your searching convenience whenever you need an extra pop of motivation.
  • Major industry insider discounts and deals, curated especially for AMPLIFY members that will support your career in the form of acquiring new skills, new connections, and new fans. From mixing tutorials to email templates to bonus calls with industry bigwigs, AMPLIFY is committed to your expansion and growth, 24/7.


Important FAQ's

  • How do I know if AMPLIFY is for me?
  • Great question!
    It's a match if you...
    - are open to shifting how you work at your career so that you can create the beautiful habit of setting goals and achieving them.
    - are a musician of any kind, whether a performing singer, a touring band, a songwriter for other artists, a top-liner, a band leader, instrumentalist, teacher, producer, composer, mixer, or many of the above! If you have goals, we want you in AMPLIFY!
    - are wanting to make music your long-term, full-time, life-long work. (Note: Full-time doesn't mean you have to quit your full-time or part-time job. It means your heart is in it full time.💓)
    - are ready to receive feedback and coaching, and equally ready to participate in providing feedback to your fellow community members
    - are looking for a structure that will provide you with more time. (Even if you're enrolled in other programs or courses, AMPLIFY will help you finish them and reap the ROI on your investment in them!)
    - are ready to meet some awesome people and surround yourself with success!
    - have always wanted a coach but didn't think it was in the cards for whatever reason.
    It is not a match if you...
    - are just starting out and wondering if a music career is for you think you're doing everything 100% perfectly and are not open to changing anything
    - if you are not willing to grow exponentially
    - if you prefer to be surrounded by people who challenge your passions rather than support them
    - if you're not someone who is looking to get their creations out into the world as a long-term business (you don't need to be a musician, just someone who creates!)
  • This sounds like it costs thousands of dollars... what's the pricing sitch?
  • You're right, it should be thousands, but rest assured, it's not!
    There are two options as of July (but the next time enrollment opens, the price will go up):
    - $49 per month (great if you're still unsure and have commitment issues lol!)
    - $499 per year (great if you know you want a proven system to support you, long-term, AND if you'd like to get a few months free!)
    You can cancel your membership at any time. You'll be removed from the program when you do. If you're paying yearly and have several months left, there are no refunds or prorated refunds but you may transfer your membership to another musician if you need to leave.
    Once you purchase your membership, and remain an eligible current active member, you will be locked into your pricing forever! Yip yip!
  • What should I expect once I join?
  • Once you pay for AMPLIFY when the cart opens, you'll receive an email with a login to In The Key Of Success (Cheryl's musician resource company).
    When you login, you will see AMPLIFY in your dashboard.
    When you click there, you can watch the welcome video and then head to the QUICK START module.
    You'll have a few short videos to watch and a quick assessment to help you figure out where you are exactly in your own musician's success cycle.
    There is also an app (the Kajabi app) so you can access all of the AMPLIFY material right on your phone.
  • I'm an introvert / I don't love groups / I'm already in a Facebook group. How can I do this?
  • Ooh I get this one big time. Surprise! I'm an introvert (albeit a social, gregarious, energetic one). I get my energy refilled from being by myself. And that's why AMPLIFY works for so many musicians who turn to their craft for self-expression. It's a safe, judge-free place and we say "Passs" is not a four letter word. You never have to talk or participate in any of the live or group calls.
    We also say that How You AMPLIFY Here is How You AMPLIFY Out There. The music industry is a relationship-based biz. So we use AMPLIFY to practice getting great at pitching, conversing, and getting clarity in our language in a safe space. Getting outside your comfort zone here will help you get out of it in other places in your life. And here, we got you covered. (Also Facebook groups don't give you real-time coaching, get-to-know-you- meetups, live workdays, and a website full of content for your career.)
  • What is your cancelation policy ?
  • Users may cancel subscriptions at any time easily inside their dashboard, under "billing".

    Your subscription shall be terminated immediately upon cancellation, and you shall not receive any refund. You shall not be charged after a cancellation.

  • I'm really swamped right now with releases/ other courses/ life/ etc... how does this work into my life?
  • Oh honey, I see you.
    And I'd say this: want to get that handled so that you never find yourself saying "life got in the way"?
    That feeling of having sacrificed time, money, possibly family and friendships for this passion of yours. You can't give up now.
    This isn't a course. There isn't more stuff to learn.
    AMPLIFY is designed to make you MORE effective and efficient at what you're already doing.
    AMPLIFY is structured so that you have time between the live calls to implement your plan. That's right. Your plan.
    This membership is catered to YOU.    
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What People Are Saying:

Since I first joined Amplify, I declared I'd make a record, and it is released TODAY and hit 5 different sales charts! I am so grateful for the support Amplify has given me throughout this process. From helping me choose the album cover to picking me up when I felt helpless about my chances in the industry, the spirit of Amplify has been as much a part of this record as I have.


Wow! I’ve learned so much more about pitching than I realized. Two years I’ve been in Amplify and it keeps getting easier to do this music biz!

Mariana (Runaway Horse)