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The Perfect Pitch


All you have to do is write an irresistibly PERFECT email. Sound impossible? It's not!

The Perfect Pitch video course gives you a simple 8-step email formula for getting a YES every time, plus pre-written proven email templates!

Steal a behind-the-scenes look at my most effective emails, why they work, and what you can do to repeat my results like getting a $15k TV placement, booking festival gigs without an agent, and fan-funding two of my CD's (over $20k each).

Master the art of writing emails that will fill your inbox with YES's from venue bookers, music supervisors, and the leader of your next international fan club!

• Finally understand what it takes to make the most of "followup" so they're not annoyed, they're overjoyed!
• Build lasting relationships with loyal fans who will gobble up any music you sell and tickets to your shows.
• Spoiler Alert BONUS: You can use this for ANY area of your life (not just your music career)!
• Free email templates DIRECTLY from my inbox that continue to get me a 100% response rate -- you read that right - ONE HUNDRED PERCENT response rate!