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Hi there. I'm Cheryl.

When you're a full-time musician, you know you're creating value. But I always struggled with expressing that value and using it to contribute to someone else, even when I thought I needed something from THEM. Sound complicated? Well, it was. 

But as soon as I developed The Perfect Pitch and tested the heck out of it, I was able to see that not only am I valuable, I can be irresistible. And it's not as hard as it sounds. Using this system got me out of my funk and starting to see the results I really wanted- getting gigs at the venues I wanted, raising the exact amount of money I needed to record my records, and getting my songs on top TV shows. 

I put HOW I did all this in a free download (because sharing is caring, also, no one else in the industry is talking about pitching like this!) and it will prepare you to set yourself up to be a pitching powerhouse!

And it's not just me: Caitlyn booked her first tour, complete with free housing, in under 2 months. Scott generated $1500 in a week booking house concerts. Gary doubled his mailing list in under a week. Tim said "I made an extra $3000 this month because of this course [The Perfect Pitch.]" They all have this training in common.

What could you create if you knew you could get a "yes"? Wanna go get it with me?


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