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Amplify is

Clarity. Direction. Velocity. Results.

All inside a powerful community . . . Amplify is where we take what you've already got and blow it up so you get to experience the career of your dreams. (YES, it's possible!)
Led by certified trauma-informed master coach and GRAMMY®-nominated artist Cheryl B. Engelhardt. 

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Welcome to AMPLIFY

AMPLIFY is the reimagined, invigorating monthly membership that is an environment designed for optimal on-going success. Which means coaching, content, cross-promotion, community, and a structure so that you end up finishing more by doing less. The results? Making more money, engaging with more fans all while achieving your [clearly defined] big goals! AMPLIFY gives you the recipe for a long-term successful and fulfilling music career, celebrating every step of the way.


A career in music is hard.

Not knowing what to do next makes it harder.

With very little support, very many options, not that much time, and even less money, it's nearly impossible to figure out the best thing to do next, and how to leverage what you've already done to get that growth, fan engagement, and income that you and your music deserve.

How much time have you wasted trying All. The. Things?

I get it. Having options can really suck. Too many courses with things to try. Too many side hustles to make ends meet. Too many past projects that totally bombed. Let's change all that, shall we?

How much money have you spent on courses you haven't implemented?

I get it. And AMPLIFY is not a course, rather a mastermind that'll assist you in finishing (and implementing) all those other programs so you can FINALLY see a return on ALL of your investments. Speaking of investments...

How much music have you released that has gone unheard?

The singles, the records, the tours, the shows, the pitches that were received with crickets? 🦗 Enough of that. 

Success in this biz is NOT easy, and never guaranteed. But the likelihood of success (achieving the specific goals that YOU want) increases exponentially when you join forces with other musicians who are also leveling up with velocity, using a system that works.

Plug Into Your Potential.

No, this is not a course (though you'll get tons of great content like worksheets, videos, and databases). It is not more work (though it'll speed up and clarify the work you are already doing).
AMPLIFY is the ongoing, total-picture, safe-space, results-driven, uncompressed coaching community for musicians to unlock their dream careers. And YOU can be the first person to know when registration opens again!
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AMPLIFY: take what you got and TURN IT UP

just like...



Cheryl's programs are so well put-together; it's honestly wild that she's willing to share all her secrets. You want to get in on this. You need to. Thank you for the income, Cheryl!


This gets me to focus in a way that helps me feel I am making progress in the midst of the chaos... I feel good that I can reach the dream of being a full time musician and artistic collaborator and not sacrifice my authentic self in the process. I need this community.


Without this group, I wouldn't have been able to meet such a diverse group of musicians who are trying to do the same thing I'm trying to do... grow their careers and pursue their passion.


YES! COME JOIN AMPLIFY! Amplify turned me from being jealous of all of my musician friends to be the one THEY come to with questions like “How DID you get 7,000 monthly listeners on Spotify?” Thanks to Cheryl, a crazy successful career in music has never seemed more achievable.

Your AMPLIFY Membership Is Packed With:

Monthly themed content including videos and worksheets on time-management, goal-setting, making money with music, pitching, relationships, and more!

Two live coaching/community calls every month that include Q&A sessions to ask Cheryl anything, live lessons on a music career-related topic, and 1:1 hot seat coaching sessions with Cheryl. Set your goals for the month and come to celebrate your wins! All sessions include a chance to connect with the community in small breakout rooms. Not to mention the acclaimed M.A.D.E. Days (Most Awesome Day Ever) - full live video workdays to truly elevate productivity in a boost!

TIME-SAVING and MONEY-MAKING Tools, but not a course. You're never behind. All the content (videos, spread sheets, release calendars, etc,) is searchable. All the support, live. Show up when you need. Find exactly what you're looking for, anytime. Worth its weight in gold!

24/7 access to the AMPLIFY Community & Accountability Group where you can share wins, practice your pitch (and get new exposure!), cross-promote, and get 1-on-1 coaching from Cheryl and support from the AMPLIFY team. Not to mention your very own POWER UP POD (PUP) - a small accountability group that'll support you in between calls to help you get more wins faster than you can say "Champagne!" They're self-run (with support from Cheryl) so anything goes!

The AMPLIFY Archives - over six years' worth of inspiring live coaching calls, video lessons, Q&A sessions, all titled for your searching convenience whenever you need an extra pop of motivation.

An Invitation to The Annual AmpliMansion Retreat - Cheryl's signature in-person retreat, hosted in a literal mansion, is three+ days of high-level healing, creating, and planning. It's an opportunity to connect with yourself as potential fulfilled. You'll become masterful at working towards your career in a fun, luxurious environment. For active Amplify members only.

The AMPLIFY Core Values...


Passion & Inclusion

We get it. You love creating music. You are in this for the long-haul. Let's love on your music. Love on your fans. Love on yourself. And love on other people. We, artists, have the power to change the world with our passion. 

Love is reflected in AMPLIFY's commitment to diversity, equality, and social justice, and is extended to all of its members. Members of all backgrounds including all races, genders, orientations, neurodiversity, and physical ableness are invited and welcomed.

Partnership in Linear Action

To dream is to have hope. In AMPLIFY, we turn hope into clarity and action. We honor the dreams of our members, and give a space to experiment and brainstorm, practice how we speak and pitch our dreams, and learn to grow into our dreams without judgement.

We dream together. We network and build relationships and cross-promote right inside of the membership so that dreams have a higher chance of becoming reality. There is no fluff. Only clarify, action, and growth.

Achievement Mindset

Once we recognize our true love and passion, define our dreams and create our action strategy, we get to work on our own beliefs. Once we believe in what we are doing, the whole universe opens up. 

We break down and examine our beliefs around making money, growing a fanbase, creating our best music, promotion, and even how we approach technical problems.

When we believe in our own creations, we inspire the world, and that is where anything is possible.


I'm Cheryl B. Engelhardt, and I'm so glad you're here.

I'm a GRAMMY-nominated artist and a certified trauma-informed career coach, a pretty fun combo, imho!

It took me YEARS as an indie, DIY singer-songwriter trying ALL OF THE THINGS to book successful tours, fan fund records, and get my music placed on TV shows all while engaging with my fans and keeping them up-to-date, even when I didn't have much to talk about.

Now, I have an active and engaged (aka THEY PAY FOR STUFF) fan base, thanks to the tools, accountability, AND the key structure we use in AMPLIFY - the Musician's Success Cycle. I've decided to share it with you and create this membership, based on my 800+ hours of coaching training, to help you get the results YOU want, way faster.

And the reason is that I love musicians. I am a musician. This community is the place to bring it all together.

Within this community, I released my 5th, 6th and 7th records at #1 on iTunes and Amazon, fan funded $5k in 48 hours, and have had multiple other wins- all because of this group! We even collaborated (yep, 37 Amplifiers contributed to my chart-topping 6th album in the single Awæcnian!). Oh, and this year, I got nominated for a GRAMMY® Award. NBD.

We've got other members making BANK on their facebook lives, handling tech issues, discovering their super fans, growing their email lists, doubling Spotify plays, cross-promoting like a marketing boss, and thriving, even during a pandemic.

Other members are finding time for rest and self-care, creating boundaries with their jobs, diving deeper into personal relationships and loving life!

So we ALL invite you in to AMPLIFY. We want to hear what your champagne wins are (you'll learn about those in AMPLIFY) and cheers you to your success! I cannot wait to hear about it in the group!


Are you a serious indie musician who knows the KEYS to success?

You don't need another course. You don't need more time. You need a structure that includes a strategy and a plan. A roadmap that tells you what the next best single thing to do is. The thing that will make the BIGGEST difference for your career that won't drain your energy, bank account, or hours in the day. 

AMPLIFY is for you if you're down with these four key truths:

🗝️  Having a roadmap to follow means taking action and getting real results.
🗝️  DIY does not mean Do It Alone: you are ready to be supported. 
🗝️  You are the one who says how your career will go. You won't wait to "be found".
🗝️  The backbone of the most successful music careers is a supportive community.

If you are ready to invest less than a tank of gas into the longevity of your career, sign up today and get locked in at the lowest rate of $49/month (and even less if you go with the annual option!)

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What's The Amplify Structure?

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Oh, how about some No-Brainer Bonuses?

These free bonuses are worth more than several year's worth of your AMPLIFY membership! 

Pitch Music

The Perfect Pitch

Your 8-step checklist to make sure that you not only get 100% responses from your pitches, but that you start hearing a YES every time!

$97 value

Deep Industry Discounts + LIVE Performance Opportunity

As an Amplifier, you'll get deep discounts, bonus coaching calls, and more for industry-wide promotions including courses, memberships, gear, and live shows.

$1500 value


Semester Workday

Every "semester", you'll have access Cheryl's virtual 9-5 M.A.D.E. Day also known as Most Awesome Day Ever workday, guaranteed to be THE most productive day of your year!

$1000 value

AMPLIFY members tell their stories

Robin went from jealous & overwhelmed to finding self-worth & declaring an inspired achievable goal with actions to take TODAY!
"My music career will NEVER be stagnant!"

-Robin Tucker, singer-songwriter

Sharman took ALL. THE. COURSES. But she never finished them. AMPLIFY gets her into action & keeps her up to date.
"I know what I need to do... I'm evolving. I have a powerful backbone in the AMPLIFY community."

-Sharman Nittoli, singer-songwriter & course creator

Katherine values the accountability without judgement as well as getting to work on mindset.
"Cheryl's approach is just not about the nuts and bolts and what to do, it's about the mindset."

-Katherine Moller, Celtic fiddler / educator

Join this week and you'll lock in the lowest rate of...


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That's right. Every time the membership opens up (approximately every 6 months), the price goes up.

But not for you!

Do you think you could make $49 in a month because of this membership?

• Can you sell four more CDs?

• Get just one license?

• Make $49 in tips in a single Facebook Live show?


Our members do it every month. NAY, every WEEK!

And they're the first to admit- it's because of the collective knowledge, networking, and inspiration from this community.

If you don't think you can make your return on investment, THAT RIGHT THERE is the mindset that we will transform in your first week of AMPLIFY.

I am ready to AMPLIFY my career...
and my life!

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