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Meet Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Cheryl is...

  • An Artist: Making albums + booking tours + licensing songs, all DIY, means Cheryl gets it. Been there. Done that. Got (and sold) the T-shirt (and other merch). Hear her stuff here.
  • A Composer: Knowing how to pitch your reel to get your ideal composing jobs is half the battle. Cheryl knows this. See samples of her work here.
  • A Coach: Advice is one thing. Being trained to listen to what is truly blocking you, and hold you accountable to what you say you want, is another.

With 4 records under her belt, 6 years of touring the USA and Europe, from coffee houses to 4000-person festivals, plus over 40 licenses to boot, Cheryl gets what it takes to be a working singer-songwriter. As a composer, Cheryl's scored a bunch of nationally-airing commercials, dozens of indie films, and tons of web content including 60+ videos for College Humor.

In The Key Of Success

Cheryl started In The Key Of Success, a website of resources for musicians, simply because she was filling a void. There were no trainings on branding, email marketing, or getting out of your own way specifically for musicians when she was first starting out or when she hit a wall in her career. After answering many of the same questions at conferences, she realized she had experiences to share and 750 hours of career coaching training to add to the mix, and In The Key Of Success is the best place to lay it all out.

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