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Welcome to In The Key Of Success

Heyo! You found a place to transform and manifest your ideal music career so that you are truly heard, consistently profitable, and ultimately fulfilled. Created by a musician (Cheryl B. Engelhardt), for musicians (you).


Listen to Cheryl's popular "Key Conversations" podcast where she interviews musicians, composers, PR goddesses, and everyone in between.


Read Cheryl's long-running Living On Gigging blog where she shares everything from tour stories to how she got started writing music for commercials.


Watch this in-depth free video training on how to truly connect with your fans via your email list (and how to make it profitable!)


Join Cheryl's In The Key Of Success Facebook group of hard-working musicians getting inspired and motivated!

What does it truly take to level up?


Come join AMPLIFY and meet live with Cheryl and other like-minded musicians for a dose of inspiration, motivation, accountability, productivity, fun, cross-promotion, and so much more. Watch the video of members sharing what they're getting!

Key Programs


Let's get real for a second. The #1 thing that every single musician needs to keep the growth coming is support. That support can come in many different forms, like accountability, new ideas, research, a coach, and being surrounded by hard-working musicians. Get coaching and an intimate support group as part of AMPLIFY, a monthly, live coaching mastermind. Get worksheets, guidance, a PLAN, and share your goals, wins and so much more!

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This unique and special program is where you discover who you are, not just as a musician, but in the world. By doing so, you will better communicate your brand to attract the right fans. There is nothing out there that does this personal work, applies it to your music career, and leverages it so that you can leave the 6-week course completely unrecognizable to yourself and how you work at your music career.

Rock Your Email List

Musicians are sitting on a gold mine, but don't know how to get in. Email lists are something we know we need, but tend to cause more overwhelm than actually doing any good.... until now. This course walks you through developing a strategy for your list, getting through the technology of setting it up and automating it, and does a deep dive into content creation & list monetization. 


Featured Free Resources

Download "Mastering Email"

Download this free workbook to master the stages of doing email the right way.

Download "Prime Your Pitch"

Grab this free checklist to learn how to make powerful pitches & start hearing YES!

Creative Career Coaching

There's nothing more powerful than having a trained coach (who also gets it!) work with you to propel your career to the next level.


How about no more waiting for someone to find you? For the time to be right? For more money? For more fans or clients? Working with Cheryl will put the power back in your hands. You will develop the tools you need to be the author of your story.


Work one-on-one with Cheryl and get ready for the most transformational time of your life.

Unlock The Magic Of Your Email List!

Optimize and fully master your email list in 7 easy steps. Authentically connect with your fans while sky rocketing your income like never before. Download Cheryl's "Mastering Email" workbook for free!

Meet Cheryl B. Engelhardt

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Cheryl is...

  • An Artist: Making albums + booking tours + licensing songs, all DIY, means Cheryl gets it. Been there. Done that. Got (and sold) the T-shirt (and other merch). Hear her stuff here.
  • A Composer: Knowing how to pitch your reel to get your ideal composing jobs is half the battle. Cheryl knows this. See samples of her work here.
  • A Coach: Advice is one thing. Being trained to listen to what is truly blocking you, and hold you accountable to what you say you want, is another.

With 7 records under her belt, 6 years of touring the USA and Europe, from coffee houses to 4000-person festivals, plus over 40 licenses to boot, Cheryl gets what it takes to be a working singer-songwriter. As a composer, Cheryl's scored a bunch of nationally-airing commercials, dozens of indie films, and tons of web content including 60+ videos for College Humor.

In The Key Of Success

Cheryl started In The Key Of Success, a website of resources for musicians, simply because she was filling a void. There were no trainings on branding, email marketing, or getting out of your own way specifically for musicians when she was first starting out or when she hit a wall in her career. After answering many of the same questions at conferences, she realized she had experiences to share and 950 hours of career coaching training to add to the mix, and In The Key Of Success is the best place to lay it all out.