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The musician's monthly subscription for current trends, templates, and posting prompts for real social media results!

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The musician's monthly subscription for current trends, templates, and post ideas for *real* social media results!

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Each month, your Content Drop will include:

✓ Direct links to trending audios on TikTok and Instagram to reach new fans.

✓ Fresh music promotion ideas each month.

✓ A hot-off-the-press email template ready to send to your fans. 

✓ Instructions to create current viral trending content to expose your music to the masses.

✓ A summary of social media changes, news, and what the algorithms are favoring.

✓ Info on social media best practices

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All content in The Drop is:

✓ Researched and curated by GRAMMY®-nominated artist Cheryl B. Engelhardt and her social media team.

✓ Designed to meet the needs of busy musicians who don't want to spend all their time on social media.

✓ A shortcut to all the research, scrolling, and planning it takes to engage and grow a fanbase.

✓ Accessible in your dashboard upon joining (you'll be taken straight there, in addition to getting an email.)

The Proof Is In The Posting!


➡️ Musicians who implemented The Content Drop have seen a 95% increase in their social media and email engagement


➡️ The Content Drop lowered musicians’ social media stress by an average of 85%.


April Mae

I’m really enjoying the clarity about what’s trending! THANK YOU!


The Content Drop presented many different content ideas that inspired me to extend my social media activity beyond gig announcements and sharing random posts.

Emma H.

The posts felt so much more personal than my regular posts, and the responses I am getting from fans are reflecting that deeper and more raw connection.


The Content Drop is . . .

. . . just the essentials . . .


🎉 No need to post every day.

🎉 No worrying about "ghosting" your email list.

🎉 No need to spend hours searching for what's "trending".

🎉 No extensive content calendars or lists of 100's of content ideas to sift through.

. . . with no overwhelm.


✓ 3-5 direct links to about-to-be-trending audio on IG + TikTok.

✓ One brand-new email template ready to send to your fans for that month.

✓ 3-5 fresh ideas for quick and easy content creation and music promotion.

✓ A summary of algorithm and social media current events, trends, and updates.

Choose your payment option:

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  • Renews every month.
  • Cancel any time.
  • Includes all Content Drop materials (social links, post ideas, and email templates).

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  • Renews every year. 
  • Get two months free!
  • Includes all Content Drop materials (social links, post ideas, and email templates).

The Content Drop is for you if you . . .

📱 Want to grow your music on social media but feel like you can't fit it into your busy life.

🔮 Are ready to feel what viral, sold-out success feels like (disclaimer: not everyone is ready to receive this!).

🏃‍♀️  Are a self-starter and can take a tool like this and run with it!

⭐️ KNOW your music is good but the people you want never seem to find it.

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The Content Drop is *not* for you if you . . . 

🤯 Want to stay in the "starving artist" identity because it's all you've ever known (and change [aka success] can be scary).

😱 Are already getting millions of views on your videos and are seeing an increase in streams, sales, and profits because of it.

🥳 Aren't ready to embrace the simplicity of the viral video formula.

🕶️ Have social media all figured out and definitely aren't missing a really big piece of the puzzle. (Also, call me, I want to know your secrets, love Cheryl).