Films, ads, comedy, documentaries, social justice-driven choral pieces, and now, a musical. Cheryl has scored over twenty documentaries, short films, and independent films in addition to 60+ parodies and web series scores for CollegeHumor. She got her start at a New York City jingle house.


Tours, records, licenses, the works. Cheryl's been there, done that, got (and sold) the merch tee. While not touring so much any more, Cheryl is signed to Marmoset to license her music library as she continues to produce songs for TV and film. You can read (and hear more) at

Music Business Luminary

What the heck is that? It's someone who is a light in her industry, who is committed to growth of her colleagues and to giving back. She creates resources she wished she had as a developing artist out of respect for the dreamers who are searching for tools to become doers.


There aren’t many singer-songwriters who also know their way around a film score. Classically-trained pianist-turned jingle composer-turned touring rock chick Cheryl B. Engelhardt harnesses a traditional scoring education and songwriting sensibilities, with a side of intricately lush harmonies. Playful on the piano and a magician with vocals, the New Yorker blends poignant melodies with pop production, and technical proficiency with clever yet soul-touching lyricism. Cheryl is known for her love for partnering with, listening to, and enhancing whatever story she can get her hands on, whether a documentary on eco-tourism, a comedy series, a song collaboration, or a commercial for dog food.

A Few Video Highlights

Cheryl's Jingle

Yep. A jingle about Cheryl's work, by Cheryl. Thirty seconds wham bam whirl of the world of CBE Music. :)


Under Armor "Woman Up" Commercial

Cheryl composed, recorded, and produced this piece for Under Armor's "Woman Up" campaign.


"Steaming Hearts" Music Video

Cheryl's single off her record "One Up", written about trusting herself, knowing that no matter what the future holds, she will indeed get over it. Complete with drone, orchestra, and live band production.


"The Listening" Choral Score + Recording

This is a recording by members of Voices 21C (Boston) and Ember (NYC) performing "The Listening", a piece inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's speech "A Time To Break The Silence". It was recorded ON Martin Luther King Day in January 2019 in New York City.


Honey Nut Cheerios "Grumpy Cat"

Cheryl composed the music for this commercial (and saw it air dozens of times last summer!) through the music house Duotone. 


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