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  • The Musician’s Success Cycle (a powerful framework that reduces overwhelm and increases results, delivered as a free mini-course over five days. Once you know your current phase in the cycle, how you work at your career will be transformed forever.) 
  • Email inbox inspiration 
  • Exclusive events & discounts


$499 yearly

$49 monthly

*INCLUDES Rock Your Email List (normally $899)

Membership Includes: 
  • Two live results-driven community calls each month hosted by Cheryl 
  • Hot seat 1:1 coaching sessions designed to get you clear on your next steps
  • An active community for collaboration, feedback, and accountability
  • Full-day work sessions (your most productive day of the year!)
  • An exclusive invitation to the AmpliMansion Retreat (the only in-person retreat Cheryl hosts each year)
  • Major discounts on industry products and programs only for Amplify members
  • My game-changing mini-course "The Perfect Pitch" ($47)
  • Themed content to get you focused (goal-setting, branding, pitching, team, money, wellness) 
  • HUNDREDS of searchable videos on music marketing, mindset, and more in the Amplify Archive (value: $2000+)


$379 monthly

$3,799 yearly

*INCLUDES Rock Your Email List (normally $899)

  • A membership in the Amplify mastermind, and all of the Amplify membership perks,
  • 24-7 access to private 1:1 voice memo coaching with Cheryl over the Telegram App

You can use the voice memo support to text or send audio messages any time you feel stuck, have any questions, want to celebrate a win, and know you're not alone. 


Multiple packages options

One-on-one sessions

Coaching Programs Include: 
  • 45 minutes sessions regardless of package
  • Telegram (chat/voice messaging) support for the Golden and Platinum Key packages 
  • One-time payment [payment plan available]

BONUS: The All Access Program Pass for Platinum Key package = Rock Your Email List, One Stop Side Hustle, MX4, The Perfect Pitch, The Income Ready Workshop 


Great question!
It's a match if you... 
- are open to shifting how you work at your career so that you can create the beautiful habit of setting goals and achieving them.
- are a musician of any kind, whether a performing singer, a touring band, a songwriter for other artists, a top-liner, a band leader, instrumentalist, teacher, producer, composer, mixer, or any of the above! If you have goals, we want you in AMPLIFY!
- are wanting to make music your long-term, full-time, life-long work. (Note: Full-time doesn't mean you have to quit your full-time or part-time job. It means your heart is in it full-time.đź’“)
- are ready to receive feedback and coaching, and equally ready to participate in providing feedback to your fellow community members
- are looking for a structure that will provide you with more time. (Even if you're enrolled in other programs or courses, AMPLIFY will help you finish them and reap the ROI on your investment in them!)
- are ready to meet some awesome people and surround yourself with success!
- have always wanted a coach but didn't think it was in the cards for whatever reason
It is not a match if you...
- are just starting out and wondering if a music career is for you
- think you're doing everything 100% perfectly and are not open to changing anything
- if you are not willing to grow exponentially
- if you prefer to be surrounded by people who challenge your passions rather than support them
- if you're not someone who is looking to get their creations out into the world as a long-term business (you don't need to be a musician, just someone who creates!)

You're right, it should be thousands, but rest assured, it's not!
You have the option to pay monthly to help budget, or pay yearly (and get a bonus of my program "Rock Your Email List", endorsed by CD Baby, Discmakers, Rick Barker, Bree Noble and more, usually $899)
$49 per month (great if you're still unsure and have commitment issues lol!)
$499 per year (great if you know you want a proven system to support you, long-term, AND if you'd like to get a few months free!)
You can upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time. 
*NOTE* Every time that AMPLIFY opens up to the public, the price will go up. Once you purchase your membership and remain an eligible current active member, you will be locked into your pricing forever! Yip yip!

Once you pay for AMPLIFY, you'll receive an email with a login to your In The Key Of Success portal.
When you login, you will see the most recent AMPLIFY call in your dashboard on the left along with short cuts to other great content. You'll also see AmpliFam (our amazing community) so you can dive in there and introduce yourself in the General Chat!
You'll get to take a quiz to figure out where you are in the Musician's Success Cycle (SO important!).
There is also an app (the Kajabi app) so you can access all of the AMPLIFY material right on your phone.